ggforestplot 0.0.1

Initial GitHub release

ggforestplot 0.0.2

Minor changes

  • Change tick breaks algorithm in forestplot() when logodds = TRUE with an example for explicit definition of tick marks.
  • Correct typos in vignettes.
  • Updates for tidyr 1.0.0
  • Updates for dplyr 0.8.3

ggforestplot 0.1.0


  • plot_all_NG_biomarkers() accepts now layout as an input parameter. Layout can be one of predefined layouts in df_grouping_all_NG_biomarkers or a user provided tibble.
  • forestplot() takes also x-tick breaks as an input parameter.
  • discovery_regression() accepts factor predictors. In this case an additional column with term is returned.
  • df_NG_biomarker_metadata updated to include new platform biomarkers. unit column is set to “deprecated” since different quantification versions can have different units. Users interested in plotting their biomarker data should read units from their own files.
  • df_grouping_all_NG_biomarkers was updated to contain layouts for 2016 and 2020 Nighitingale Heath Ltd. platforms.
  • df_linear_associations and df_logodds_associations where updated with new names for some biomarkers.
  • df_demo_metabolomic_data, data-raw/ and the same data in vignettes/data was updated to include new biomarkers.
  • Vignettes updated to reflect the number of biomarkers in current 2020 platform, while ggforce::facet_col() is used in examples instead of patchwork::wrap_plots().