Visualizing Measures of Effect

ggforestplot is an R package for plotting measures of effect and their confidence intervals (e.g. linear associations or log and hazard ratios, in a forestplot layout, a.k.a. blobbogram).

The main plotting function is ggforestplot::forestplot() which will create a single-column forestplot of effects, given an input data frame.

The two vignettes Using ggforestplot and NMR data analysis tutorial provide an introduction to creating forestplot visualizations with custom groupings and performing basic exploratory analysis (using demo metabolic data of the Nightingale Health NMR platform).


You can install ggforestplot from github as shown below (unless already installed, you need to first install devtools):

If you want display package vignettes with utils::vignette(), install ggforestplot with devtools::install_github("NightingaleHealth/ggforestplot", build_vignettes = TRUE). However, installing with building the vignettes takes little bit longer. (Note: If dependencies are not installed automatically, try updating devtools.)


Below we briefly showcase the usage of ggforestplot with publicly available datasets, which are also included in the package (see A. V. Ahola-Olli et al. (2019)).