A data frame containing example custom groupings for the Nightingale Health biomarkers in a machine readable name format. There are two custom groupings available for 2016 and 2020 biomarker platforms. These groupings are used with plot_all_NG_biomarkers.



A data frame (tibble) with 2 rows and 2 columns:


Biomarker platform version.


A data frame (tibble) defining layout:

  • machine_readable_name Biomarker machine readable name, i.e. the one delivered with the csv data format.

  • group_custom A character indication group titles.

  • column An integer indicating the column number in a layout, see plot_all_NG_biomarkers.

  • page An integer indicating the page number in a layout, see plot_all_NG_biomarkers.

See also

Data frame df_NG_biomarker_metadata with information on the Nightingale Health Ltd. NMR-quantified blood biomarkers